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SS K-FilesSS K-Files
Niti K-FilesNiti K-Files
Save ₱150
Endoseal (Root Canal Obturation Cement)Endoseal (Root Canal Obturation Cement)
Save ₱150
Calplus (Calcium Hydroxide Paste with Iodoform)Calplus (Calcium Hydroxide Paste with Iodoform)
Save ₱33
Eugenol (Extra Pure Eugenol Oil)Eugenol (Extra Pure Eugenol Oil)
Save ₱180
Zical Automix Paste (Antibacterial ZOE Root Canal Sealant)Zical Automix Paste (Antibacterial ZOE Root Canal Sealant)
SS SpreadersSS Spreaders
Save ₱85
Camphenol (CMCP, Camphorated Parachlorophenol)Camphenol (CMCP, Camphorated Parachlorophenol)
Save ₱65
(Calcium Hydroxide Paste with Barium Sulphate)Calcigel
(Calcium Hydroxide Paste with Barium Sulphate)
Save ₱35
Copal-F (Cavity Varnish with Fluoride)Copal-F (Cavity Varnish with Fluoride)
Save ₱160
(Dry Socket Paste)Alvocure
(Dry Socket Paste)
Mini Endo Block - Dentsply
Save ₱40
Calcium Hydroxide Powder
(Calcium Hydroxide Powder)Calcium Hydroxide Powder
(Calcium Hydroxide Powder)
Save ₱100
(Pulp Devitalizer)Pulp-X
(Pulp Devitalizer)
Save ₱85
Formacresol (Pulp Devitalizer & Disinfectant)Formacresol (Pulp Devitalizer & Disinfectant)
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