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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
Lido-Jel 30gLido-Jel 30g
TET Lido-Jel 30g
Sale price₱200.00
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V-Ject Dental NeedlesV-Ject Dental Needles
V-Ject V-Ject Dental Needles
Sale price₱330.00
Lidocaine Ointment 50gLidocaine Ointment 50g
TET Lidocaine Ointment 50g
Sale price₱330.00
HIZON LidocaineHIZON Lidocaine
Hizon HIZON Lidocaine
Sale price₱1,250.00
ZEYCO FD LidocaineZEYCO FD Lidocaine
Zeyco ZEYCO FD Lidocaine
Sale price₱1,250.00
Micro Dental NeedlesMicro Dental Needles
Micro Micro Dental Needles
Sale price₱350.00
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Mepivacaine Hydrochloride HClMepivacaine Hydrochloride HCl
Zeyco Mepivacaine Hydrochloride HCl
Sale priceFrom ₱800.00
Xylocaine Pump Spray 10% Lidocaine (50ml)Xylocaine Pump Spray 10% Lidocaine (50ml)
Lidocaine Liquid 15mlLidocaine Liquid 15ml
TET Lidocaine Liquid 15ml
Sale price₱200.00
Zogear Dental NeedlesZogear Dental Needles
Zogear Zogear Dental Needles
Sale price₱250.00
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Denject Dental NeedlesDenject Dental Needles
Denject Denject Dental Needles
Sale price₱330.00
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NEW STETIC LidocaineNEW STETIC Lidocaine
New Stetic NEW STETIC Lidocaine
Sale price₱1,500.00
Zeyco Articaine
Sale priceFrom ₱1,800.00
Metal Aspirating Syringe (Spiral)Metal Aspirating Syringe (Spiral)
Metal Aspirating Syringe (3-ring)Metal Aspirating Syringe (3-ring)
Plastic Aspirating SyringePlastic Aspirating Syringe
Uniject Plastic Aspirating Syringe
Sale price₱250.00

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