Formacresol (Pulp Devitalizer & Disinfectant)

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A solution for root canal cleansing and disinfection. Due to its antibacterial activity, Formacresol is efficient in vital pulpotomy and for the treatment of severely infected root canals.


Mata Para Cresol, Formaldehyde, Glycerine and Iso Propyl Alcohol


  • Root canal dressing
  • Treatment of severely infected root canals
  • Effective pulp devitaliser and disinfectant

Product Benefits

  • Strong antibacterial properties makes it efficient in vital pulpotomy
  • Effective in treatment of severely infected root canals

Instructions for useí«ÌÎ_

Place a cotton wool pledged soaked in Formacresol into the pulp chamber and seal. Remove the cotton wool dressing after a week time and restore the tooth.

1X15ml glass bottle + Dropper

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