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(Polymer Reinforced ZOE Cement (IRM))Zinconol
(Polymer Reinforced ZOE Cement (IRM))
Save ₱150
Endoseal (Root Canal Obturation Cement)Endoseal (Root Canal Obturation Cement)
Save ₱75
Fusion iSeal (Light Curing Glass Ionomer Composite Cement)Fusion iSeal (Light Curing Glass Ionomer Composite Cement)
Save ₱80
ApaCal ART (Light Curing Pulp Protectant / Liner)ApaCal ART (Light Curing Pulp Protectant / Liner)
Save ₱150
Calplus (Calcium Hydroxide Paste with Iodoform)Calplus (Calcium Hydroxide Paste with Iodoform)
Save ₱110
Shield Activ (2-Hema Based Dentin Desensitizer)Shield Activ (2-Hema Based Dentin Desensitizer)
Save ₱300
ACE (Ceramic Repair Kit)ACE (Ceramic Repair Kit)
Save ₱33
Eugenol (Extra Pure Eugenol Oil)Eugenol (Extra Pure Eugenol Oil)
Save ₱180
Zical Automix Paste (Antibacterial ZOE Root Canal Sealant)Zical Automix Paste (Antibacterial ZOE Root Canal Sealant)
Save ₱38
Reveal (Caries Indicator)Reveal (Caries Indicator)
Save ₱50
Micron Luting (Radiopaque, Glass Ionomer Cement, Luting)Micron Luting (Radiopaque, Glass Ionomer Cement, Luting)

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