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Dentin Desensitizer

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One step single solution desensitizer which provides quick and easy
chairside solution to sensitivity caused by open tubules, bacteria and
microleakage. It is applied in one step with a brush. Its HEMA based
composition is soft tissue friendly and provides immediate relief from
dentinal hypersensitivity.

  • Cures dentinal hypersensitivity caused due to cervical erosions and exposed roots
  • Fast action composition enabling quick sealing of tubules
  • Inhibits bacterial growth due to quick action
  • Cures hypersensitivity caused by open tubules microleakage and technique sensitivity
  • Stops pain caused by hot or cold or sweet/spicy foods
  • Ideal for use under all indirect restorations
  • Insulates exposed dentine
  • Fluoride alleviates thermal sensitivity
  • Compatible with all amalgams, cements and composites
  • Prevents post-operative sensitivity
  • 1 x 5ml Squeeze Bottle

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