Zinc F+ (Zinc Phosphate Cement)

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Zinc F + is a zinc phosphate cement suitable for the cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays facings and orthodontic brackets. May also be used for cavity lining under all restorative materials, temporary fillings and fillings in deciduous teeth.


  • Cementation of crowns & bridges, inlays and orthodontics brackets
  • Cavity lining under all restorative materials

Product Benefits

  • Seals dentinal tubules and minimizes post-operatives sensitivity
  • Low film thickness
  • High Compressive strength
  • Radiopaque
  • Neutralizes the hardness of phosphoric acid
  • Apply directly to prepared dentinal tissue


  • Powder: Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Oxide and Sodium Fluoride
  • Liquid :Aqueous solution of Phosphoric acid

Instructions for Use

Shake Powder jar before use: Dispense 2 spoons full of powder and 5- 6 drops of liquid on a cool glass slab. While mixing heat is generated due to exothermic reaction, it is therefore advised to do mixing in fractions. Add powder into liquid in small fractions to get the desired consistency. Recommended fractions of powder into liquid is (1/8 or 1/4). Continue mixing for 45-60 seconds to form a smooth paste. Thoroughly rinse the tooth surface with water and gently air dry. Thinly apply Zinc F+ over the tooth structure and the interfacing metal surfaces before they are joined. For maximum bond strength Zinc F+ must be allowed to set 3:00-3:10 (min: sec) while metal and prepared tooth surfaces are compressed together. For this it is advised that the patient bites hard onto a cotton ball without periodic relaxation. Biting hard will remove excess cement and reduce its film thickness and improve the bond.

Intro Pack
Powder-30g , Liquid-15ml & Spoon

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