Orafil LC (Light Cured, Temporary Filling Material)

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Orafil-LC is a light-curing material for temporary filling and sealing. The elastic consistency assures an easy removal, even in case of undercuts, and finishing the cavity is not necessary. Thus the fitting of the temporary filling will be improved. Orafil-LC is available in syringes for direct application into the cavity


  • All kinds of temporary fillings, temporary protection of inlays/onlays preparation
  • Implant screw access temporaries
  • Emergency repair of lost filling and fractured teeth

Product Benefits

  • Quick and easy removal-can be removed in one piece-thus leave cavity can be upon removal
  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Durable and light marginal seal
  • Suitable for long term temporaries
  • Non eugenol composition


Urethane Dimethylacrylate, 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate, Amorphous Silica, Camphorquinone, 2-Dimethyl Amino Ethyl Methacrylate, BHT, Pigment


  1. Preparation, lining and impression to be carried out as usual. Rinse and dry the cavity.
  2. Apply Orafil-LC into the cavity with a suitable instrument (round condenser, spatula, etc.)

Handling: Contour with slight excess. For use in the inlay and onlay technique, keep the approximate contact points free of resin with dental floss or a matrix before curing to maintain tooth mobility. Cure for 20 - 40 s (depending on layer thickness) with a conventional polymerisation device. The light output should be a minimum of 500 mW/cmå_ on halogen polymerisation devices and 300 mW/cmå_ on LED devices. As a rule, 4 mm deep layers are sufficiently cured in 40 s. Increased exposure times are required when the light source cannot be brought close enough to the material. Check occlusion. Excess can be removed with a scalpel. Silicone points are suitable for grinding.

Removal of the temporary filling: Insert a rigid instrument into the temporary filling and extract it. Simply stick in a probe and remove the filling

1x3g Syringe

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