HIFLEX RR (Self Cure Denture Repair & Relining Material Pink, Veined)

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Hiflex RR is a self curing, fast setting acrylic resin for use in a variety of dental applications. For use in either pressure or paint-on techniques.


  • Repair of full and partial dentures
  • Relining of full and partial dentures
  • Extensions to dentures

Product Benefits

  • Produces extremely durable repairs and relines to existing dentures
  • Exhibits very high bond strength to existing denture acrylics of all types
  • Exceptionally high mechanical strength and high lusture finish
  • Cadmium free composition


Powder contains Poly Methyl Methacrylate, trace amount of Pigments and Liquid contains Methyl Methacrylate Monomer and N, N Dimethyl Para Toluidine

Instructions for Use

The recommended powder/liquid ratio 1g of powder (1st graduation of powder measure) to 0.5ml (1st graduation of liquid measure) of liquid. The mixture reaches a dough-state 20-30 seconds after mixing. All manipulation should be finished before 2minutes from start of the mix.

  1. Clean denture by brushing with soap and water. Using a sand paper disc, trim down high spots and rough surface around periphery.
  2. To ensure a completely uniform bond of the reline plastic to the denture surface, coat denture surface with Hiflex RR Acrylic Prime. If primer is not available, any acrylic monomer (Hiflex RR Liquid) painted over denture surface will improve bond.
  3. To protect surfaces not to be bonded, such as acrylic teeth, interproximal areas, outer ridge of denture, opposing denture, any acrylic fillings, jackets or bridges, coat all surfaces with mineral oil. This prevents the acrylic from curing to these surfaces.
  4. Pour a measuring 6CC of liquid into a mixing cup and then add a 10CC of powder and stir thoroughly with S.S spatula.
  5. Allow mix to gel for about 2 minutes, or until it reaches the consistency at which you wish to work.
  6. Spread the mix into the ridge area, covering from crest of ridge to periphery. Also spread mix across post dam area.
  7. Place denture into patient's mouth and patient close jaws slowly to a biting position, bringing teeth into occlusion. Patient have suck in cheeks to muscle trim.
  8. After three additional minutes in patients mouth, remove the denture and check coverage and muscle trim. Material can be added or timed away at this time.
  9. Re-enter denture into patient's mouth for another three minutes keeping teeth in relaxed occlusion. Remove denture from patient's mouth and allow to bench cure for 20 minutes.

225g Powder/150ml Liquid

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