24 CARAT Pure White Smile (Teeth Whitening System - 35%)

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24 Carat Pure White Smile is a revolutionary, state-of-art Teeth Whitening Gel. Its advanced zero sensitivity formula eliminates sensitivity. The optimized pH gel consists of the active carbamide peroxide suspended in a high tack, high viscosity gel which considerably reduces the treatment time.


  • Gentle and permanent whitening of teeth in cases of staining due to medication, fluorosis, food, tabacco and ageing
  • Whitening of non vital teeth

Product Benefits

  • Zero sensitivity formula
  • Thick consistency gel
  • High percentage of active teeth whitening ingredients
  • Safe and gentle- optimized pH


Carbamide Peroxide, EDTA, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, Carbopol, Glycerine. Potassium Nitrate and Spearmint Oil.

Instructions for use

Remove cap from the syringe and fix dispensing tip. Squeeze whitening gel into the tray in small drops at each tooth site. Do not overfill the tray. Brush and floss teeth thoroughly and seat the tray firmly into teeth. Wipe over flowing excess gel off the gums with a cotton swab or tissue by holding the tray with one hand. Rinse with cold water. Do not swallow rinses. Wear tray for 30 minutes. You may wear for longer period for further results. Remove tray and brush teeth to remove gel. Clean tray with soft brush or with cotton swab and rinse with cold water. Wipe the tray with dry tissue and store in zipper pouch/plastic box. Repeat the process for both upper and lower teeth once a day until teeth have reached desired shade of whiteness. Maximum of twelve applications recommended.

Economy Pack
4X1.5ml Syringes, 4XDispensing Tips

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