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Showing 1 - 24 of 109 products
Mini Endo Block - DentsplyMini Endo Block - Dentsply
Dentsply Mini Endo Block - Dentsply
Sale price₱1,350.00
Paste Carriers / LentuloPaste Carriers / Lentulo
Barbed Broach 21mm Asstd 10SBarbed Broach 21mm Asstd 10S
Viva Dentista Gelfoam
Sale price₱250.00
Carestream X-Ray Film D-SpeedCarestream X-Ray Film D-Speed
Carestream Carestream X-Ray Film D-Speed
Sale priceFrom ₱180.00
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Save ₱250.00
Yes!Star Injectable X-Ray Film SetYes!Star Injectable X-Ray Film Set
Yes!Star Yes!Star Injectable X-Ray Film Set
Sale price₱1,250.00 Regular price₱1,500.00
Save ₱50.00
FG Composite Burs - 5pcs
Viva FG Composite Burs - 5pcs
Sale price₱200.00 Regular price₱250.00
Barbed Broach 25mm Asstd 6S
Clean Stand - Dentsply
Dentsply Clean Stand - Dentsply
Sale price₱800.00
Save ₱70.00
Nanofil Light Cured Composite 4.5gNanofil Light Cured Composite 4.5g
Nanofil Nanofil Light Cured Composite 4.5g
Sale price₱580.00 Regular price₱650.00
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Save ₱150.00
X-Ray Film Positioner Autoclavable
Viva X-Ray Film Positioner Autoclavable
Sale price₱1,350.00 Regular price₱1,500.00
X-Ray Film Pedo Ultra-Speed CarestreamX-Ray Film Pedo Ultra-Speed Carestream
X-Ray Film E-Speed CarestreamX-Ray Film E-Speed Carestream
Carestream X-Ray Film E-Speed Carestream
Sale priceFrom ₱220.00
NSK PanaAIr FX High Speed Handpiece
Save ₱50.00
RA Amalgam Polisher - 5pcs
Viva RA Amalgam Polisher - 5pcs
Sale price₱350.00 Regular price₱400.00
Save ₱50.00
FG Amalgam Polisher - 5pcs
Viva FG Amalgam Polisher - 5pcs
Sale price₱250.00 Regular price₱300.00
Articulating Paper U-Shape Hanel
Articulating Paper - Hanel
Hanel Articulating Paper - Hanel
Sale price₱550.00
Articulating Paper - Ehros USA
Peeso Reamers 32mm 1-6
Mani Peeso Reamers 32mm 1-6
Sale price₱450.00
Dowel Post - Titanium (120S)
Dowel Post - Stainless Steel (120S)
Dowel Post Key Gp
Viva Dentista Dowel Post Key Gp
Sale price₱250.00
Dowel Post - Gold Plated (240S)

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