Micron Dentin Conditioner (Polyacrylic Acid Cavity Conditioner)



Micron Dentin Conditioner is a mild polyacrylic acid solution designed to remove the dentinal smear layer and to condition dentine, thus enhancing the bond between glass ionomer cement and the dentine.


  • Removal of dentinal Smear Layer
  • To condition the dentine

Product Benefits

  • Ployacrylic Acid solution enhance the bond between glass ionomer cement and dentine
  • Micron Dentine Conditioner with low PH value

Composition: 10% Polyacrylic Acid Solution

Indication for Use

  1. After tooth preparation, apply Micron Dentin Conditioner to the bonding surfaces for 20 seconds using a cotton pellet or sponge.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with water. Dry by blotting with a cotton pellet or gently blowing with an air syringe. DO NOT DESICCATE. Best results are obtained when prepared surfaces appear moist (glistening).
  3. Apply Micron Superior or Micron Luting or other glass ionomer as a bonding agent, base/liner or restorative material.
  4. Close the bottle immediately after use.

1x10ml Bottle

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