Actino Liquid (37% Phosphoric Acid Etching Liquid, Blue Tinted)



Actino is a Blue tinted viscous liquid of 37% Phosphoric acid, silica free composition recommended for use on enamel and dentine. Its non drying thixotropic liquid composition prevents thickening and dry out with time and thus maintain its flow characteristics.


Phosphoric Acid, Methylene Blue Dye, Purified Water and Thickening agent


Used for conditioning both dental enamel and dentine surfaces prior to the placement of an adhesive restoration

Product Benefits

  • 37% phosphoric acid to give best dentine etching results
  • Provides selective and controlled etching
  • Does not dry etched tooth surface

Instructions for Useí«ÌÎ_

Clean the area to be etched, rinse and dry thoroughly. Place the tip against the surface to be etched and slowly dispense the liquid on the surface to lay a fine line or paint a thin layer to the areas to be etched. Allow the liquid to stay for 10-15 seconds and rinse thoroughly with water spray. Dry etched tooth surface with clean, dry air.

1X10ml Squeeze Bottle


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