Violet Plastic Impression Trays (Set of 2)

Size: Small



The main benefit of plastic impression trays is the ease with which holes can be made in them. This is frequently required in “open tray” procedures which need a hole at implant transfers to unscrew the transfers through the impression tray.

Dental impression trays are special devices that dentists use to place the impression material in. They also carry the material inside the mouth with the tray, plus control the whole impression process. These are an essential part of several procedures in dentistry.


  • High temperature disinfection plastic dental plastic products
  • Perfect tool specially designed for dental
  • Unique design with sturdy and durable plastic
  • Ergonomic design, smooth surface makes patients comfortable
  • Autoclavable
  • Repeated use after sterilization
  • Professional dental tools

Material: Plastic

Sizes: Small

Packaging: 1 pair (Upper and lower)

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