Perforated Metal Impression Trays (Set of 2)

Size: Small



Impression trays are usually perforated so that the alginate will flow through the holes when the tray is seated on the dental arch. These perforations act as a retentive mechanism to keep the set alginate from separating from the tray upon removal.

Impression Trays are a very important part of dentistry. These are the trays used in several different specialties to get an impression from the teeth and alveolar processus.

Dental impression trays are special devices that dentists use to place the impression material in. They also carry the material inside the mouth with the tray, plus control the whole impression process. These are an essential part of several procedures in dentistry.


The most common uses include getting an impression for diagnostic reasons, impression for use in prosthetics for fixed or mobile restorations, impressions in oral surgery, impressions in orthodontics, implantology, maxillofacial surgery and many other disciplines. In other words, an impression is an essential procedure in the field of dental medicine.


  • Have good adhesion to the impression
  • Have good dimensional stability
  • Allow even thickness of impression material
  • Have sufficient rigidity to resist deformation
  • Not cause damage to the intra-oral tissues

Material: Metal

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Packaging: 1 pair (Upper and lower)

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