Elvydent Chromatic Alginate (453g)

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Dental alginate impression material has lots of features including readily mixing, dust-free and high elasticity, improved tear resistance, economical price, especially the flexible and accurate impression mold can express the intraoral hair like undercuts precisely and be easily separated from setting gypsum mold.

Usage: Used as teeth and intraoral structure impressions.

Main compositions:  diatomaceous earth; calcium sulfate; agent and food flavoring etc.

Types and Packages:

  1. Type: color changing (white-purple red), dust free powder.
  2. Package: 454g/bag, 24bag/carton.

Storage:  Stored in cool and dry place with good, closed condition.

Expiry Time:  24 months, Date of production: on the seal



  1. Please close the lid after using with barrel packing way, and seal the bag with bag-packed, or put into a closed container to protect from moisture.
  2. It is recommended to use type 3, 4 gypsum of ISO 6873 for making mold. Pour gypsum mold immediately after impression taking to avoid air slake or deformation. If this is not possible, the impression should be stored in wet environment prior to pouring.
  3. Setting time may vary subject to water and room temperature. If tap water is applied, setting time will be shorter with the increasing rigidity. Color changing time also will be affected by environment temperature accordingly.
  4. Be caution of who discomforts with alginate smell and has oral ulcer.
  5. Accessories for using: dental mixing stick, rubber bowl, measuring cup, injection syringe ect.



  1. Shake the container two three times to disperse material evenly before use.
    The proportion of powder: water : (10g:23-25ml); mixing time: 30 sec
    Total working time :1min30sec, setting time: 2mins 30sec-3mins
    Test environment: In distilled or Ion-free water at 23°C.
  2. Scoop powder and water proportionally, and mixing in rubber bowl vigorously and last for 30-45 sec unit, meanwhile mixture color is purple red.
  3. From mixing to put mixture in the tray should be less than 90 sec. mixture color will change to pink.
  4. Impression is being taking last for 60 sec till setting enough. At this time, the color of impression will change to white.
  5. Remove the impression from the mouth carefully and rinse it with running cold water. Pour gypsum mold immediately after remove water from the impression surface.

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