Airemax Extraoral Vacuum

Save ₱10,000

₱45,000 ₱55,000


Airemax Extraoral Vacuum greatly reduces the risk of cross infection between doctors and patients. Provides additional high volume removal of droplets and bio-aerosols generated in dental and medical treatments. With an extensive medical-grade filtration system, along with UV and Plasma disinfectant, viral and germ products will be eliminated.

  • 6-Stage Filtration Technology
  • Ultraviolet Irradiation
  • Plasma Sterilization
  • Powerful Suction Motor
  • Japan Technology

New design to better fit the face shape, upgraded function with air inlet filter, increased efficiency, natural fluid modeling, combined with strong suction, to form a negative pressure more smoothly, to ensure the suction effect.

Airemax Extraoral Vacuum effectively captures the aerosol emerging from the mouth of the patient consists of splashes of the spray mist & droplets containing cooling water, saliva, blood, microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses. This mixture presents a high risk of infection.

The primary set of HEPA + Activated Carbon can effectively filter out large particle pollutants, with size larger than 0.5 microns. The secondary set of HEPA + Activated Carbon can filter out particles larger than 0.3í«ÌÎ_microns.

HEPA filter eliminates Dust, Mite, Mold, Spores, Pollen, & other Allergen.

Carbon filter effectively absorb odor and decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde, VOC's, Benzene, Cigarette smoke etc.

UV light and Plasma disinfection sterilization eliminates germs, viruses, bacteria & toxins from mold. Clean air will be expelled from the Airemax Extraoral Dental Suction System.

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