SS K-Files

Length: 21mm
Size: 6


Viva DenPro̴Ì_Stainless Steel K-Files

  • Pre-applied silicone stops
  • Square cutting blades in smaller sizes and triangular cutting blades in larger sizes provide safety, flexibility and sharpness
  • Contoured ribbed handle provides exceptional tactile control for reduced finger fatigue
  • Conical, non-cutting tip follows canal curve, providing reduced risk of ledging
  • Handles are numbered and color-coded with ISO symbol for easier identification
  • 6 pcsÃ¥√å_in a case
  • Color-coded by length:
    • 21mm ‚Ä∞€°√å√ù√å√ï white
    • 25mm ‚Ä∞€°√å√ù√å√ï yellow
    • 28mm - red
    • 31mm - black

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