Hydrogum 5 (Extra Fast)



Hydrogum 5 (Extra Fast)

Impressions for diagnostic models

Impressions for antagonists in fixed and removable prostheses

  • 5 days of dimensional stability
  • Higher consistency
  • Smooth, even impressions

‰ۢ Easy mix formulation: facilitates mixing by means of rapid water absorption

‰ۢ Dust Free Formula: minimum dust to protect operator health, limiting the suspension of particles in the environment and resulting inhalation

‰ۢ Superior dimensional stability: all formulations are optimised to reduce distortion, offering practitioners a choice of products which offer from 48 to 120 hours of dimensional stability

‰ۢ Thixotropy: even in the lighter formulations, the alginate will not drip into patients‰۪ mouth

‰ۢ Pleasing flavours which are well-tolerated by patients

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