Zinconol (Polymer Reinforced ZOE Cement (IRM))

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Zinconol is a polymer reinforced zinc oxide eugenol cement for temporary restoration. The excellent physical properties resulting from the unique polymer reinforcing agents include high compressive and tensile strength,excellent abrasion resistance and low solubility. Its strength is comparable to Zinc Phosphate Cement.


  • As a base under amalgam and non resin restorations.
  • Temporary restoration in emergency treatments.
  • Sealing coronal portion of teeth under endodontics treatment.Ã¥√å_

Product Benefits

  • Excellent physical properties due to added unique polymer reinforcing agents.
  • High compressive strength- High tensile strength.
  • Low film thickness, low solubility and excellent abrasion resistance.
  • High strength comparable to zinc phosphate cement.


Powder contains Zinc Oxide, Poly Methy Methacrylate Polymer and Zinc Acetate and Liquid contains Eugenol.

Instructions for Use

Shake the bottle of powder well before use to ensure that the density is homogeneous. Powder and liquid should be mixed in proper ratio. Powder liquid ratio is 1 : 2 (2 scoop powder and 2-3 drops liquid.) Mixing should be completed in 45- 60 seconds to a putty consistency. Insert into the cavity and allow 4-6 minutes for proper hardening.

Powder-15g, Liquid-10ml, Mixing Pad, Spoon & Dropper

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