Woodpecker Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler UDS-K LED

Save ₱1,050

₱9,450 ₱10,500


Woodpecker¬â€ Ultrasonic Scaler¬â€ UDS-K LED

LED Handpiece, Brighter Visibility

Automatic feedback, constant power output

Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and more steadily.

Digitally controlled, easy operation and more efficient for scaling.


  • Used for the dental calculus elimination.
  • For Perio & Scaling
Technical Parameter

Power input ¬â€ ¬â€ ¬â€ ¬â€ ¬â€ 220V~¬â€ 60Hz¬â€
Main unit input¬â€ ¬â€ 24V~¬â€ ¬â€ 1.3A
Output power¬â€ ¬â€ ¬â€ 3W ~ 20W
Frequency¬â€ ¬â€ ¬â€ ¬â€ ¬â€ ¬â€ 28kHz ¬± 3kHz
Water pressure ¬â€ ¬â€ 0.1bar ~ 5bar (0.01MPa ~ 0.5MPa)
Main unit weight¬â€ 0.75kg
Adapter weight¬â€ ¬â€ 1.2kg
Dimensions¬â€ ¬â€ ¬â€ ¬â€ ¬â€ 170mm√ó111mm√ó65mm

Download the instruction manual here.

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