Spectra Fresh Prophy Paste (Prophylaxis Paste)

Flavor: Mint


Spectra Prophylaxis Paste is a cleaning and polishing paste with a unique combination of abrasive materials zirconium silicate and pumice powder for cleaning and polishing during dental procedures. It contains sodium fluoride at a concentration of 1% fluoride ion for post treatment comfort to the patient. Spectra Prophylaxis paste is produced in a variety of fruit flavors for pleasant feeling during the treatment procedure.


  • Polishing after scaling
  • Removal of dental formula

Product Benefits

  • Oil free formulation
  • Fluoride release formula
  • Splatter free paste
  • Excellent stain removal and polishing
  • Available in fine, medium & coarse grit


Zirconium Silicate, Pumice Powder, Glycerine, Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Fumed Silica, Sodium Fluoride, Pigments and flavoring matter.

Instructions for use

  1. Dispense Prophylaxis Paste into dappen dish or other suitable container. Asaliva ejector may be helpful during the actual prophylaxis.
  2. Fill rubber prophylaxis cup with paste. Before starting hand piece, carry paste to field of operation and deposit a small amount on each tooth surface. It is necessary that fresh paste be provided for each surface in order to obtain maximum cleaning effectiveness.
  3. Run rubber cup at SLOW SPEED over each tooth surface for approximately 10 seconds. Make sure that the edge of the cup goes below the free margin of the gingival into the gingival sulcus. Continue procedure until all exposed surfaces of the teeth have been thoroughly cleaned and polished.
  4. A rubber cup or soft bristle brush may be used on occlusal surfaces.

Intro Pack: 75g Jar

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