Orafil Plus (Pink Temporary Filling Material-Saliva Cure Ready Paste with Sodium Fluoride)

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Orafil Plus is a radiopaque, temporary filling material for temporary filling of dental cavities. Addition of sodium fluoride helps reduce dentine hyper-sensitivity and post operative pain due to preparations for direct and indirect restorations.


  • Temporary restoration of cavities in interval between both preparation and permanent cementation
  • Cementing medium for temporary inserting all types of permanent crowns and bridges.

Product Benefits

  • Non eugenol formulation offers non irritating properties
  • Resin addition gives high adhesive properties
  • Quick and void free curing in moist environment
  • Slight expression of filling material ensures well sealed margin
  • Excellent adaptability
  • Simple to apply with filling instrument


Zinc oxide, Calcium Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate, Dibutyl Phthalate, EVA Resin, Spearmint oil and Sodium Fluoride.

Instructions for Use

Use any suitable instrument to introduce the paste directly into wet cavity. Press and spread with the instrument to fill the cavity and adapt to the cavity walls. Remove any excess paste by wiping it off with a moist cotton pellet towards the margins of the cavity. Hardened paste can be removed with the use of rotary instrument or any suitable hand instrument. It is advised not to fill very deep cavities up to the base of cavity.

1x40g Plastic Jar.

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