Huge Kaili Synthetic Polymer Teeth (Upper Anterior) - Ovoid

Save ₱10

Shade: A2
Mould: O3
₱55 ₱65



High Quality Raw Material¬â€

Imported high molecular weight material, not only keeps sufficient mechanical strength and fully integrated with denture base resin, but also anti-wear impact, anti-absorption

Advanced Manufacturing Technique¬â€

High-precision mold, advanced international molding pressure fully proves the polymerization to ensure the physical and chemical properties of every tooth, and avoids problems left by traditional boiling procedures, such as the pungent odor left by unreached monomer

Natural Design¬â€

Two-layer life-like anterior with internal mamelons' design, gives KAILI the most natural performance; different sizes from Tapering and Square for choice

Patent Packaging¬â€

Patent plastic teeth card, environmental and no wax; handy for delivery

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