Eugenol (Extra Pure Eugenol Oil)

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Extra pure eugenol oil to be used as obtudent for the relief of minor dental pain and to form sedative dentinal dressing with zinc oxide.

Composition: Eugenol


  • For temporary relief of localized dental pain
  • Combined with zinc oxide to form a sedative dressing

Product Benefits

  • Chemically pure with increased effectiveness
  • Forms a uniform paste consistency when mixed with Zinc Oxide
  • Forms a sedative dressing or lining under non composite resin when mixed with Zinc Oxide

Instructions for Use

Place a drop on a cotton bud and gently apply to the inflamed area. Mix with Zinc Oxide to form a thick paste and place into a tooth cavity either as a dressing on a painful tooth or as a lining under a non composite resin restoration.

1X15ml Glass Bottle + Dropper

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