Hiflex Green Tracing Sticks

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Hiflex Tracing Sticks, Green

(Functional and Relining Impression Material)

Because of its unique slow setting characteristics HIFLEX GREEN STICKS / Border moulding compound enables of extremely accurate impressions. This makes it particularly useful as an impression material for rebasing and muscle trimming. May also be used for general impression such as border moulding in dentures, rebasing procedures, for recording full depth of sulcus and posts.


  • For border extensions on impression trays
  • Ideal for recording full depth of suclus
  • Modify dentate tray by building up material where tooth has been extracted
  • Make functional and relining relining impressions

Product Benefits

  • Fast and uniform plasticity
  • Easy to warm up
  • Quick hardening in cold water
  • Wide working area

Composition: Thermoplastic Resin, Stearic Acid, Talcum, Colorant and excipients.

Instructions for Use

For border extensions on impression trays:

  1. Remove the flange and tissue contact surface from the denture to a depth of 2-3 mm using steel burs or abrasive points.
  2. Soften the material over soft flame and cover the relived surface of the denture with HIFLEX GREEN STICKS.
  3. Place the softened, material on the impression tray and again soften it by passing through hot water at (45 í«̴_C / 113 í«̴_F). Insert the prepared tray in mouth with firm and even pressure, hold for 2 min.
  4. Instruct the patient to perform muscle trimming movements.
  5. Trim the excess material & apply adhesive to prepare tray for final impression.

For Reabsing Procedure: The denture should be retained in the mouth for 1 day to allow a truly functional impression to be formed under normal chewing conditions. Note: Advice patient to avoid hot drinks during this period.

10 Sticks, 90g in mono pack.

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