Hiflex Impression Compound

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Because of its unique slow setting characteristics Hiflex Impression Composition functional enables production of extremely accurate impressions. This makes it particularly useful as an impression material for rebasing and muscle trimming. May also be used for general impressions such as dentures, root surfaces and posts.


  • Impression of crowns or bridge
  • Impression of partial denture
  • Cavity impression of facing , inlay, onlays etc.

Product Benefits

  • Extremely smooth
  • Accurate and easy to mix
  • Dimensional stability
  • Models can be poured up to 2 weeks after impression taking
  • Hydrophilic properties
  • High Elasticity - tear resistant

Instructions for Use

Immerse the required quantity of Hiflex Impression Composition in hot water (55 ̴åÁC / 132 ̴åÁF). When softened knead thoroughly with the fingers and place in dry impression tray. Before inserting in the mouth, pour a little cold water over the back of the impression tray. Glaze the surface with dry heat (over a spirit lamp or Bunsen), being careful not to use too much heat, and quickly insert into the mouth. After removal, put in to cold water.

5 Round Cakes, 200g in mono pack

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