Pulp-X (Pulp Devitalizer)

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Pulp-X is a devitalizer which provides powerful pulp devitalizing properties due to paraformaldehyde.


  • For Pulp devitalization
  • For residual devitalization after removal of non-vital tissue

Product Benefits

  • Fast acting-pain releasing formula.


Formaldehyde liquid, Parachlorophenol, Polyethylene Glycol, Amorphous Silica and Vinyl Siloxane.

Instructions for Use

Eliminate as far as possible, the dentine of the decayed cavity in order to ensure close contact with the pulp. Close contact of Pulp-X with the pulp accelerates the devitalizing process. Insert a pellet soaked with Pulp-X into the base of the cavity and seal hermetically with a temporary cement. Devitalization is completed within five to seven days. After devitalization, a permanent root canal filling can be placed once the pulp is totally removed and pain relief is complete.

Syringe Pack
1x3g Syringe 10 x Applicator Tips

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