Hyposol 3% (Sodium Hypochlorite Solution for Canal Irrigation,)

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During mechanical canal widening it removes the non-vital pulp debris. It cleans the canal, removes the smear layer in order to expose the dentin root canal orifices. It prevents from the tooth discoloration that might occur after filling the non-rinsed root canal.


  • For disinfection of root canal
  • To irrigate canal after filling with appropriate chelating agent

Product Benefits

  • Irrigates root canal
  • Helps debride root canal
  • Disinfects root canal during instrumentation

Composition: Sodium Hypochlorite, Purified water.

Instructions for use

Insert the liquid Hyposol 3% / Hyposol 5% into the root canal by means of the syringe with needle with side portal. Rinse the canal copiously, approximately 10 ml for one canal. Sodium hypochlorite contained in the product inactivates immediately in contact with organic substance. While concentration of sodium hypochlorite is decreasing, time of rinsing and volume should be necessarily simultaneously increased.

1X500ml Plastic Bottle

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