Chlor X Gel (2% Chlorhexidine Gel Root Canal Irrigant, Cavity Cleanser)

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Chlor-X is a chlorhexidine digluconate based water - alcoholic solution for irrigation and cleaning of root canals.

Chlor-X Gel is a lightly flavoured gel containing 2 % chlorhexidine.


Chlorhexidine, Purified Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Thickners, Spearmint Flavour and Colorant.


1. Disinfection of root canal systems.

2. Disinfection of tooth surface prior to crown cementation, luting and direct restorative placement.

Product Benefits

  • Possess optimal antibacterial properties against gram positive & gram negatives bacteria
  • Antibiofilm properties
  • Superior substantivity
  • Largely accepted in uncooperative pediatric patients

Instructions for useí«ÌÎ_

(Direct composite restorations and resin luted restorations)

1. Clean the area and etch the surface to be bonded.
2. After rinsing the etchant, dispense a small amount of Chlor-X Gel and thoroughly rub for 60 seconds.
3. Remove the excess gel to obtain a moist surface.
4. Bond the tooth surface using an appropriate bonding agent.
Note : For other restorations, clean the tooth, apply Chlor-X Gel and scrub thoroughly for 2 Min. Rinse the excess gel using sterile water. Dry and place the restorative material.

(Endodontic Disinfection)

1. After the final cleaning and shaping, irrigate the canal with 17% EDTAliquid.
2. Rinse the canal thoroughly with sterile water and place the Chlor-X Gel in the canal between appointments.
3. Rinse the canal thoroughly using sterile water or saline on subsequent visit.
4. Dry the canal using paper points and obturate.
1. Chlor-X Gel may interfere with the setting of tri calcium silicate (MTA) based obturating materials.
2. Do not use Chlor-X Gel directly with Sodium Hypochlorite because of browny deposits which is hard to remove and brown precipitate will form.

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