Calcium Hydroxide Powder (Calcium Hydroxide Powder)

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Calcium Hydroxide Powder when mixed with deionized water becomes a smooth paste to be used as a dressing for apexification procedures, direct & indirect pulp capping and as a sub base under restoration.í«ÌÎ_Bactericidal calcium hydroxide powder for use in root canal therapy.


Calcium Hydroxide Powder


  • Direct & indirect pulp capping, pulp protection
  • Sub base under restoration
  • Dressing for apexification procedures
  • Thermal insulation,√≠¬´√å√é_provides insulation in deep cavities
  • Ideal for temporary root filling

Product Benefits

  • Provides bactericidal effect on carious dentine
  • Paste delivered to root apex provides pulp insulation
  • Protects the vital pulp from infections and further decay
  • Can be easily removed from root canal by simple irrigation

Instructions for Use

Mix with deionized water to form homogenous paste and place into tooth cavity.

1X10g Plastic Jar

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